100% satisfied and impressed by the service I received. All transaction aspects were completed online!
My confidence in your company grew with each contact.

 First let me say WOW! The conversions are absolutely perfect. My customer is going to be very pleased, as am I. Your
company will continue to handle all our CAD conversion needs.

 Thank You and keep up the good work!

 The files look awesome you guys are terrific my customer hasn’t got back to me yet but I think he’ll be pleased. Again
you ROCK!

Thanks for the quick turn. Our clients love this service. You are making us look good.

 Great… Love your company… will continue to use you guys.

 Once again, you guys are awesome!
 Perfect! As usual.

 About a week ago I sent over two white line prints that date back to the early 1900’s. The detail was incredible and the
price was great. Design Presentation will continue to be our main cad conversion specialists.

 Thank you look great!! Your service is crushing our old vendor.

 I would like to compliment you and your company on a job well done. The CAD conversions for my customer were

 Thank you very much for the quickb turnaround. Everything looks great once again you amaze me. I can’t wait for my
customer to see them.

 Fantastic! Just what I needed. Many, many thanks!

 Thank you. You have done a great job in converting the file in such a quick turnaround. I was a little skeptical about how
this would work using your services…but it has exceeded my expectations.

 Thank you for your good work – always a pleasure to do business with you!

 We received the work and it looks grand. Thanks for your assistance!

 Thank you so much. Excel format is best if we have to choose but if it is of no significant difference in the amount of
work, we’d love both. They turned out great!

 Thank you so much for providing such a great service!

 We received the work and it looks great…Thanks…

 Thank you for the continued outstanding work.

 Once again you guys have done a great job…Thank you once again for the quick turn around.

 Thank you for the prompt turnaround and of course the drawing is excellent.

 Thank you for the prompt turnaround. You guys do fantastic work. Thank you.

 I’m impressed and will be sending more work in the future.

 They look great!!! I really want to thank you for the good job and getting it done for us today.

 I have received all of the drawings and they look great as usual…I potentially have more drawings coming to you in the
next week or so. Keep up the good work and thanks for the quality work.

 You guys are doing a great job with all that we send. Our customers are thrilled with the final product and we have had
quite a bit of repeat business. Thanks!!

 We received our AutoCAD file; it looks great. Thanks for the great service.

 Some parts/text is really hard to read, the original is poor quality, you can leave those parts as ‘illegible’ if you cant read
the text, you usually are exceptionally good with this, thank you.

 Great job with the last order. I am pushing our marketing guys to promote this service more and should be able to send      more orders in the future, thanks!

 Please ensure converted DWG is same quality as the last job you did for us (which was excellent) it is important that
the objects are separated on multiple layers, by line thickness or object type as you see appropriate.

 Received total of 8 drawings with full cad conversion release 14, and also accurately done. Great job on the layer

 Yes, we received those drawings back and they were great. Thank you for your quick turnaround with all of our projects.
Thanks again.

 I received the file. Thank you very much for your quick and perfect work.

 Thank you and your staff so much for the good response on the Canadian-French project you just did for us. I am sure
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 The Word file looks real good.

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 Presentation received. I am very impressed with the quick response, and will forward your information on to our other
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 This is a very good service. I was expecting this job in two days.

 Thanks for the quick turn around on this project. Converted files look good.