Digitizing Engineering Drawings

What is digitizing? 
Redrawing or redrafting of a paper or a scanned engineering drawing to AutoCAD or another CAD software.


Why should I digitize my engineering drawings, I can keep a scanned copy?
Certainly but the scanned engineering drawing copy would be poor quality. It might be illegible, would occupy a lot of space and any stains, dirt marks, eraser marks etc would be scanned as well.


How does digitizing my engineering drawing help?

The benefits are many:
 Easy retrieval
 Easy archiving
 Clean drawings
 Less space taken (4 mb for a scanned A4 drawing, just 4 kb for a digitized one)


Why choose AutoCadDesign.biz for digitizing your engineering drawings?
Manual Raster to Vector Conversions
Companies use software to vectorize and the software, unable to make intelligent decisions gives you an inaccurate output. Our manual conversions are 100% dimensionally accurate and no additional work is required on your engineering drawings.


Quality Services:
 Accurate layer (AIA Standards)
 Accurate editable
 Accurate editable line types
 Associative adjustable dimensions
 Associative hatch patterns
 Symbols & blocks of standard components
 Title blocks in paper space to scale


The biggest benefit: You can digitize your engineering drawings free of charge without any obligation.
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