Raster to Vector

AutoCad Design’s raster to vector format conversion services enable you convert your technical drawings, maps logos and any other graphics from raster to vector formats enabling comprehensive view, easy archiving and instant access.


We exploit the latest available technologies for R2V, raster to vector conversion thereby being able to cope with more than 300 different image formats converting them to editable digital outputs in your favorite format. All our raster to vector maps conversion are manual, conform to AIA layering standards and boast of excellent quality workmanship.


Your priorities set our preferences & your requirements spell delivery schedule to us. Each raster to vector conversion is processed based on individual client requirements and is guaranteed to deliver not satisfaction but delight.



 Paper to CAD conversion of technical drawings (AEC)
 Raster to vector conversion of house plans
 rastor2vector conversion of GIS (CAD)
 Raster to vector conversion of maps
 Raster to vector conversion of logos
 Vectorization for GIS applications
 Bitmap vectorization for graphic design purposes


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