GIS Conversion

AutoCad Design provides GIS (Geographic Information System) services for a wide range of companies including transportation, telecommunication, mining, municipal and utility sectors.


The reach of GIS fluctuates from tackling problems ranging from prioritizing sensitive species habitats to determining optimal real estate locations for new businesses. GIS can be used for urban infrastructure planning, water resource mapping and monitoring, civil engineering mapping, contour mapping and detailed forest mapping.


The array of GIS services rendered by AutoCad Design includes:

Aerial triangulation/Stereo OrientationWater Resource Mapping and MonitoringDistrict Planning (Maps, Census Maps, etc.)ArcView Applications DevelopmentContour Mapping (Digital Elevation Models)
GIS Mapping related to local area planningSpatial Analysis & ModelingData Automation & IntegrationGeo-referencingCivil Engineering Mapping
Parcel MappingLand use mappingGeo-coding of databasesPhotogrammetryFeature Extraction
Urban Infrastructure PlanningCustom MappingContour MappingDetailed Forest MappingFlood Interpretation
Geo Engineering SurveyGeo Engineering SurveyIrrigation ManagementUtility MappingDTM generation


We can convert any file to standard GIS formats including MapInfo, Surfer or ESRI.


Our cutting edge technologies, unbeatable prices and customized solutions make us one of the leading global providers of GIS services for all their GIS Projects. Our precise and accurate GIS Maps conversion spell savings in time and money.


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