Digitizing Maps

Our map digitizing services are aimed at providing vector data from raster maps for scientific analysis and application specifically GIS conversion.


We can digitize maps from a hardcopy or scanned map information and can accurately capture and catalog points, lines or any other digital information with precision


For digitizing maps we work on a variety of input formats and can digitize data in any client specified format.


Data we digitize maps:

Topographic Data Geographic Boundaries Political Boundaries Geologic Outcrops Lease Boundaries
Contours Faults Pipelines Benchmarks Well Data
Gravity Data Hydrography Seismic Picks Bathymetry Shotpoints


Digitizing geographical maps Digitizing political maps Digitizing relief Maps
Digitizing topographic maps Digitizing Soil Maps Digitizing Aerial Maps
Digitizing Physical/Elevation maps Digitizing Plans & Plats Digitizing Weather Maps
Digitizing historical Maps Digitizing Survey maps Digitizing Railroad maps


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