Digitizing Maps

Our map digitizing services are aimed at providing vector data from raster maps for scientific analysis and application specifically GIS conversion.


We can digitize maps from a hardcopy or scanned map information and can accurately capture and catalog points, lines or any other digital information with precision


For digitizing maps we work on a variety of input formats and can digitize data in any client specified format.


Data we digitize maps:

Topographic DataGeographic BoundariesPolitical BoundariesGeologic OutcropsLease Boundaries
ContoursFaultsPipelinesBenchmarksWell Data
Gravity DataHydrographySeismic PicksBathymetryShotpoints


Digitizing geographical mapsDigitizing political mapsDigitizing relief Maps
Digitizing topographic mapsDigitizing Soil MapsDigitizing Aerial Maps
Digitizing Physical/Elevation mapsDigitizing Plans & PlatsDigitizing Weather Maps
Digitizing historical MapsDigitizing Survey mapsDigitizing Railroad maps


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